Our Roots

Looking for a warm, fun activity to do with his daughter in the middle of a Vermont winter, Asarasi Founder and CEO Adam Lazar decided to attend a maple farm open house. As the farmer went through the process of producing maple syrups and maple products, Adam witnessed thousands of gallons of sugar-free maple sap water being discarded. After asking the farmer about why he wasn't utilizing this pure, tree-filtered water and why his hard work was being unnecessarily thrown away, he learned that maple syrup producers use only 3% of the sap collected to make syrup and maple products. The remaining 97% is pure tree-drawn water that is not utilized. The idea was born that tree water was a new plant-source of incredibly pure, organic water that had never been tapped and Asarasi was born. Each year, up to 1 Billion gallons of pure, naturally filtered water is harmlessly extracted from living maple trees—an amount that could help replace the existing bottled water industry that exists today. Asarasi has pioneered a way to carbonate, store and deliver nine delicious flavors of organic sparkling tree water straight to you! By sourcing our water from living trees, Asarasi has created the world’s only sustainable and renewable, bottled sparkling water.

Adam Lazar

Founder & CEO


Adam Lazar founded Asarasi Sparkling Tree Water in 2014 after taking his daughter to a Maple tree farm and witnessing the billions of gallons of natural tree-water being discarded every day. From the beginning, Adam’s mission for Asarasi has been to produce organic, eco-conscious, plant-based products that are good for your body and the Earth. As a father, his goal is to help others consume more responsibly by creating products that do not further harm the Earth, conserve water and protect forests. Asarasi is the World's only USDA Certified Organic Water, in a completely new category of "Organic Water" that Adam Lazar has created. We’re replacing the bottled water industry one glass bottle at a time.

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